Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Updates

I need a CLONE!!!! or someone to help keep this up to date! Random updates in a flash:

Madison rallies at noon (WMC board meeting at Monona Terrace) and 5 p.m. No bus from La Crosse - CAR POOL!


WEDNESDAY - rally at 5 p.m. at La Crosse city hall to support city/county workers AND 94th Assembly district candidate forum at West Salem HS at 7 p.m.

THURSDAY - rally at 4:30 p.m. at UW-L (location unknown at this time)

FRIDAY - rally in Gays Mills (details unknown at this time)


The Democrats' response to Scott Walker's "fireside chat" tonight was abominable! Senator Miller looked as if he had just thrown up, it looked like they'd set the thing up in a bathroom, Miller's delivery was terrible and the message was sloppy and unfocused. I *was* surprised because interviews I've seen with these senators over the last few days, including Miller, have been quite good. It's almost as if the secret police were about to break in or something. Very disappointing. Thousands of people are counting on these folks, ready or not. If they're not in the Capitol, it seems like they ought to be talking to SOMEONE (maybe George Lakoff) to get it together.


Tomorrow and Thursday, UW-L faculty will be voting on whether or not to form a union. More than 70% of faculty signed cards to ok this election. AFT is hoping for a strong, decisive vote to send a message. No matter what comes from the Walker power grab, having a union will be better than not having one. UW-L academic staff are not as far along but this should help them get it together.


Please take every opportunity to engage folks in conversation over this issue. There are so many reasons to hate this bill, this process, these consequences and this plan. Pick one - elderly neighbor? Medicaid and SeniorCare, public transportation, etc. Working guy? Union or not, working conditions and wages will decline for everyone if this goes through. Plus with thousands of people earning less or losing their jobs, who is going to patronize the business he owns or works for?


more tomorrow I hope. Email me if you can help!

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