Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good for the goose

PR Watch notes that by complaining about a TREK BICYCLE open letter in Sunday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin's Republican Party has essentially endorsed the basis for the John Doe criminal probe. The TREK letter doesn't say anything about supporting or opposing a candidate, it simply responds to the untruths said in and implied by Scott Walker's creepy anti-Burke television ad

As you may remember, Jay Heck of Wisconsin's Common Cause, called the June release of documents associated with the John Doe investigation, "a bombshell." The investigation looks into coordination between the candiates in the 2011/2012 recall elections and outside groups, including Karl Rove's. Such coordination is illegal under Wisconsin law. The documents speak for themselves.

All this brings us back around to the subject du jour, namely, pre-selling enough tickets to get CITIZEN KOCH at the Marcus Theater on Ward Avenue on August 7 at 6:30!

We still need to sell 14 tickets by July 31 for this event to occur!!

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