Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WE'RE ON! Citizen Koch screening August 7!

[UPDATE (7/18): In the first day of sales, about 20% of required tickets were sold. That's great! But we need to sell (as of now) about 40 more for the event to take place!

Check out this article from Mother Jones magazine: Public TV Snubbed This Film to Avoid Offending a Billionaire Donor. No one will ever know exactly why PBS pulled the plug - the filmmakers were able to make up the production funds through a KickStarter campaign - but the article is a good one.]

Finally, the theater has confirmed and we are on for our TUGG screening of Citizen Koch.

The event will be on Thursday, August 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Marcus Cinemas, 2032 Ward Avenue in La Crosse.


The even greater news is that Mike McCabe, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, will be live in the theater for the post-film Question and Answer session!

The way a TUGG event works is that an organizer must pre-sell a set number of tickets by a deadline in order for the event to take place. Those who pre-buy tickets to a "pending" event will not be charged until the event sells its minimum and is confirmed as "active." At that time, pre-bought tickets will be charged and those who bought them will receive an email confirmation WITH THEIR TICKETS WHICH THEY MUST PRINT AND BRING to the event.

Those who purchase tickets to an "active" event will be charged right away and their confirmation and tickets will be emailed.

For this specific event, we must pre-sell at least 56 tickets (it was 58 but I already pre-bought two of them!) by July 31. I think this is feasible. Please spread the word to make this event happen.

The tickets cost $11 each. This covers the cost of the theater rental and screening rights for the film. In addition, the promoter gets 5% of the proceeds which will be donated in full to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Please spread the word! Our state primary is just a few days after this event - August 12 - and it will be a good reminder about what we are fighting and fighting for.

If you have any questions about this event, please email couleeprogressive[at]hotmail.com.

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