Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's a GO!!!

Thanks to several people's hard work and email lists, we've met our threshold and that means the CITIZEN KOCH screening on August 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Marcus Cinema on Ward Avenue is a GO!

Tickets are only available ONLINE through Tugg:

There are still tickets available - let's sell this thing out! Reminder - Mike McCabe, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, will be there for the post-film Q&A and the Bodega Brew Pub will give you a discount off a regular price drink or a spin of the wheel if you show your ticket stub!!


Ok, now, let' consider inversion. Walgreens is considering renouncing its US corporate citizenship for the lower taxes of Switzerland by purchasing a small Swiss company and moving (on paper at least). Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) was interviewed today about US corporations who enjoy the benefits of US "citizenship" (Walgreens, for example, relies heavily on American taxpayers through Medicare and Medicaid programs) but are choosing to merge with foreign corporations or changing their corporate addresses to Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, Ireland or other tax havens

Others considering or already making the leap include Medtronics, a Minnesota bio-tech company; HerbaLife; Haliburton; Apple; and Pfizer (drug companies often rely on US taxpayer funded research in developing new drugs and medicines). 

Democrats have introduced a bill to fix this problem, warning it could cost the U.S. $17 billion over the next decade.  

The Congressional Research Service has identified at least 47 corporate inversions over the past decade. Bloomberg reports that CEOs of inverted corporations are receiving generous bonuses. 

Senator Durbin, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and others, noting Walgreens' profits from US taxpayer programs, are encouraging a boycott of Walgreens should they go through with their inversion plans.

At the very least, you might consider contacting Walgreens' CEO to let him know what you think of this scheme: The company's corporate headquarters (for now) phone number is 847 914-2500. (If you check out his profile, you'll see that poor Walgreens really really needs to pay ZERO US taxes so they can make more money.)


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