Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two steps, one step

The dance continues. Two steps one way, one step the other. We can only hope that eventually we will be moving forward, but who knows?

This morning, On Point Radio had a great interview with scientific historian, Naomi Oreske, about her new book (a "short little stick-of-dynomite book," according to the host, Tom Ashbrook), “The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View From The Future.” Climate change is coming and it will be much worse than having to crank up the air conditioner a few more days each year.

A new IPCC report focussing on transportation describes how increasing temperatures and wild weather will affect trains, planes, ships, and automobiles. From buckling rails due to intense heat to wild oceans, making shipping routes longer and more dangerous, to increasing costs to repair and replace heat and weather damaged roadways, it will be a different and much more expensive and dangerous transportation world. How many miles have you logged on your bike this month?

On the forward end of the two-step, new designs - from bicycles to batteries - and new understandings of what we really need and what we really don't need are growing and beckoning us to the new dance. 

Step forward, please.


Remember - you can VOTE ABSENTEE IN PERSON from now through Friday, August 8. Check MyVote Wisconsin for details including how to register, where to vote, and what your ballot will look like.

Also, one of the things we DO need in my opinion is GREAT PUBLIC LIBRARIES. Please plan to attend one of the public "listening sessions" coming up on the future of La Crosse's public libraries:
  • August 5th: 4 p.m., South Community Library
  • August 12th: 5:30 p.m., North Community Library
  • August 16th: 10:00 a.m., Main Library

Our US Senator, Tammy Baldwin will hold a fundraiser in La Crosse on Tuesday, August 5 at the Bodega Brew Pub, 122 S 4th Street from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. (She won't be up for re-election for several years so I'm not sure why a fundraiser is needed now - except by 2018 it will probably cost $100 gazillion to run for senate even as an incumbent).

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