Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Health care activisim

The Senate's march to the cliff on a no good very bad healthcare bill continues. Will it pass? What is it? Who knows?

The major things right now are

Call Sen. Ron Johnson's office every day and tell him NO. (Hilariously, Ron Johnson, lead Republican blabbermouth on the horrors of "Obamacare" and member of the 13 men plus (maybe) one woman health care working group says he hasn't seen details of the secret bill.) In fact, Indivisible has given us a whole page of instructions including sample talking points and even the name of the Johnson healthcare staffer. (You can email him, too.)

While you're at it, call Tammy Baldwin, too, and tell her to push back and play hardball on this bill and to help get a Medicare for All bill introduced.

Commentator Shaun King wrote that Every Democrat in American Should Support Medicare for All. Amen. But this Counterpunch article by Russel Mokhiber notes that even some Dems who have signed onto the House Singer Payer bill (HR 676) don't seem to be too interested in pushing it. “Congressional Democrats and the national Democratic Party don’t actually want to pass Medicare for All because that would be the end the steady flow of campaign money the party receives from the for-profit health care industries.”
Rep. Ron Kind has said recently, "We are as far away as possible from single-payer in the current legislative environment." So, does that mean he supports it or not? Will he co-sponsor or not (so far not). Will he push for it or not?

We are also as far away as possible from renewable energy promotion in the current legislative environment, but that doesn't mean we have to go all out for it.

At least Donald Trump thinks the House Republicans' plan is "too mean."

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