Thursday, June 08, 2017

Pence talks "health care" in MKE Saturday

[from Katie Dunn, Citizen Action of Wisconsin's new Healthcare-for-All Organizing Co-op]

I wanted to personally let you know that Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Milwaukee on Saturday to talk about healthcare. This is the kind of moment we were built for. 

For the medical professionals here, I would love if you could show up in your white coats and scrubs (or regular clothes for us regular people) at our press conference Saturday 9:45am in our office (221 S 2nd St #300, Milwaukee WI). We are working to find out exactly where Pence will be and we'll go to that location after the press conference. Click here to let us know if you can come or to learn more.

[If we haven't met yet-- I'm the new Healthcare for All Co-Op organizer. Our big Membership Drive Kickoff is the evening of Thursday June 15 (NEXT WEEK!) in Wauwatosa and if you care about healthcare you should be there! We are going to be launching our 60 day drive to find over 250 member-owners, to grow our organizing co-op to permanently ensure that our care is safe and to fight for a Medicare-for-All style system as long as it takes!]

The Senate will likely vote on the awful AHCA this month.
We must oppose any effort to return pre-existing condition discrimination, end Medicaid-as-we-know-it or cut off coverage for 23 million Americans! We are running out of time to resist. Please join us.

Katie Dunn
Healthcare for All Organizing Co-Op

Some notes:
The new Healthcare for All Organizing Co-op is welcoming members from anywhere in the state of Wisconsin.

By the way, this article underscores that the struggle for a single payer "Medicare for all" style health care plan is still a multi-party battle. Lessons not learned.

"They rejected their voter base and went with the donor class to create and market a health law, the so-called Affordable Care Act, that protected the profits of the medical-industrial complex, and it backfired. In the 2010 election, 63 Democratic incumbents lost their seats in Congress and the party has been in decline ever since with a record low number of elected officials nationally."

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