Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Juneteenth Celebration and Cecil Adams Presentation

Next Tuesday June 13th, Cecil Adams Jr, CEO/founder of African American Mutual Assistance Network, Inc, will be giving a presentation at Riverside Museum. This is a great opportunity to learn more about local African American history and support the community. Please make it if you can, agenda is below. Keep an eye on the June 18th 'Juneteenth' celebration at Poage Park and the south side neighborhood center as well. Juneteenth is a holiday celebrating the announcement of slavery abolition, Celebrating it here in La Crosse is a great way to express our commitment to human rights and to fighting racism and discrimination.

June 13th - "African Americans in the La Crosse Area-The Process"
Discussion:· 12:00-12:10pm: Ice-Breaker Mr. Adams’s “The Husband”
· 12:10-12:45 pm: Success is not only measured by the outcome but also through the Process.

· 12:45pm-12:55pm: Q and A: 

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