Thursday, November 16, 2017

Big Events to start 2018

Seeking volunteers, organizations, help spreading the word about:


Please help spread the word about this January 20 event being planned for our area. There are many aspects to industrial operations in sensitive areas from environmental pollution to health issues to infrastructure degradation. Organizers are seeking co-sponsors and organizing volunteers. Post forward, publish.


Across western Wisconsin industrial operations in rural areas threaten vital resources and ways of life for towns, farms, families, and small businesses. Industrial animal feedlots (CAFO) manure spills have killed thousands of fish and polluted countless wells. New industrial hog slaughter facilities are planned in sensitive geological areas. Hog manure pits are sited on top of sinkholes. Other proposals threaten our rural water and air.

A Driftless regional conference on how ordinary citizens feel about the industrialization of our communities and lands and what we can do to organize and have our voices heard is being planned for JANUARY 20, 2018. We need help from organizations, businesses, and groups. We are seeking volunteers and help getting the word out to all groups, from environmental protectors to fishing and hunting advocates, from small towns who have lost local control to small businesses and tourism operations depending upon clean air and water for their livelihoods.

If you can help in any way, please contact Crawford Stewardship Project (fjahnke at crawfordstewardship dot org) or Coulee Region Sierra Club (crsierraclub at gmail dot com) An organizing call will be arranged for late November.


2. (working title) FOSTERING an ECOSYSTEM of ACTIVISM - PROGRESSTIVAL 2018 on FEBRUARY 3 from 2 to 5 at the Concordia

Please keep this date open so you can attend, network, share ideas, sign up, listen, discuss, and be ready to make 2018 a very active year for progressive issues. We have secured the Concordia Ballroom and will provide regular updates as more details are finalized. If your group, organization, or agency would like to table at this event, please email couleeprogressive at homail. The plan is for tablers to set up between 1 and 2, and for activist networking to occur between 2 and about 4 p.m. We'll end the event with a speaker (to be determined) followed by a quick group clean up. Because there are so many candidates and a limited number of tables at the space, we will have a CANDIDATES' CORNER (spelling TBD) table for candidate literature but we are saving tabling space for the many great groups and organizations wishing to bring in new volunteers ideas, and energy.


If you know of other major events we should let people know about, please email couleeprogressive at homail.

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