Tuesday, November 28, 2017

More manure from the right

from Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters:

This manure-filled water came directly from Kewaunee County residents Erika and Rob Balza’s kitchen faucet.
Enough is Enough
Stop the Manure Mob on December 13th
When it comes to fighting against public health and the environment, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) stands alone.
Already this year, WMC has fought against getting lead out of our children’s drinking water, pushed to allow industrial mining to poison our water with sulfuric acid, and worked to eliminate laws that keep our air safe for breathing.
Now, WMC is conspiring with the state’s Big Ag money machine to keep water that looks like this running from local faucets. That’s right – while manure-filled water is literally running from kitchen faucets, WMC is fighting against new rules to keep manure out of our water.
Enough is enough.
On December 13th, you have the chance to attend a hearing to make sure the DNR Board and your legislators know how important it is they stop trembling beneath the soiled boots of polluting special interests. It’s time for them to stand up for Wisconsin’s public health by passing a set of strong rules controlling the spread of liquid manure in sensitive areas like Kewaunee County.
The Dairy Business Association and WMC –  the Manure Mob – want to use all their political influence to weaken these rules. However, we need stronger protections, not weaker, to ensure safe drinking water for Wisconsin families.
Join us in Madison to tell the DNR Board you will not tolerate showers of liquid manure and drinking glasses full of bacteria-laden water.
PLEASE NOTE: the DNR requires you to register with them separately before December 8th at 11 a.m. Please sign up here, then follow the the directions to ensure your spot at the meeting!
We look forward to seeing you in Madison,
Seth Hoffmeister
Northeast Organizer
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

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