Thursday, November 02, 2017

Commoner Call

In case you're not familiar with the twice-weekly online progressive news digest, The Commoner Call, produced just over the bluff in Vernon County by Mark Taylor, check it out.

In addition to original political cartoons (Taylor's a pro) and links to articles from around the globe, The Commoner Call also provides a platform for progressive voices in our region.

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Here's a list of headlines from the most recent Commoner Call:

In this issue:
  • Majority Of Dems Want To Ditch Tired Leadership & Move Left; They’re Right
  • Daily Dose: Time To Restore Humanity, Civility & Heartfelt Communication To Politics? Here’s How
  • Russia Monitor: Is The White House Scared, Yet?
  • Yellow: The Cowardice Of Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell
  • Get Active: Learn The Ropes Of Making Change Happen
  • Head Of Puerto Rico Electrical Workers’ Union Demands Corruption Probe Of Whitefish Energy Contract
  • 50 Years Of Ongoing Atrocities & Impunity: The Hidden US War In Colombia You Never Hear Of
  • Podcast: The Plague Of Fascism Darkening America
  • Ag-Gag Laws Target Reformers While Coddling & Protecting Industrial Animal Abusers
  • ‘Our minds can be hijacked’: Growing Number Of Tech Insiders Fear A Smothering Smartphone, Social Media Dystopia
  • Naomi Klein: We Are Seeing The Shock Doctrine In Real Time After Hurricanes Harvey & Irma
  • BS’er Scotty Walker Behind New Republican Fake News Site

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