Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bad News - the fight takes a new turn

"The special conference committee in Wisconsin -- convened in order to strip out the fiscal elements of Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill, in order to pass the anti-public employee union proposals and avoid the state SenateDemocratic boycott of the three-fifths budget quorum -- just met for roughly five minutes and passed the bill."

The reason the bill could not pass before was because there were financial parts to it that required a quorum of the senate (20) to vote. With financial provisions stripped from the bill, the Senate and Assembly were able to pass parts of the bill.

According to Talking Points Memo:

"The bill to strip away most collective bargaining for public employee unions, and impose new limits on union organization, is now headed to the full chambers."

By the way, Kapanke voted FOR the bill. All the more reason to redouble our efforts.

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