Monday, March 07, 2011

The Fighting Fourteen!

Please support the WI Fighting Fourteen! They are not rich and some have been targeted for recalls in an atmosphere saturated with corporate campaign dough! Donate at ActBlue to help fight their recall campaigns.

Today, focus on Dave Hansen.

Wisconsin Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen is a former teacher, truck driver, and lifelong Green Bay Packer fan. He co-authored the 2009 Labor History in the Schools Act, saying "at a time when people are hurting, primarily as a result of a Wall Street dominated culture that promoted greed and get-rich-quick schemes over the value of hard work, it is important for our young people to learn about the important role that organized labor and working men and women have played in helping create the middle class."

Here's a great interview with this former Teamster and friend of the working person.

Dave Hansen doesn't have the Kochs or Club for Growth backing him. It's up to us to show our appreciation for this strong and brave stand. Donate at ActBlue

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