Sunday, March 13, 2011


flagAlmost everything that's been done so far will end up in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Currently, the court has four conservative justices and three non-conservatives.

JoAnne Kloppenburg is an experienced and INDEPENDENT candidate.

Her opponent was a Republican Assembly leader originally appointed to the court by Republican governor, Tommy Thompson. While in the Assembly, he voted against legislation prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and took other actions against gay/lesbian citizens. While on the court, he voted to relax recusal rules so that justices can sit on cases involving their campaign contributors. In December, his campaign released a statement saying that he would "complement" the (Republican) governor and legislature. During the primary, Club for Growth, spent over $320,000 in ads for Prosser and other business-backed astroturf groups are involved as well. He is a conservative with ties to Scott Walker.

This is it, folks. Voting is KEY.

Here's what you can do RIGHT NOW to start taking our state back from the corporate-backed puppets who are ready to sell our children, grandparents, jobs and resources to the highest bidders.

1. Volunteer for the Kloppenburg virtual phone bank.

2. Print out a Kloppenburg yard sign and/or window signs.

3. Print and distribute Kloppenburg flyers.

4. Write a letter to the editor.

5. Vote vote vote - you can early vote starting Tuesday. In La Crosse between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the City Clerk's office (2nd floor). For more info on early absentee voting, visit the state site.

6. Talk to EVERYONE you know. Tell them how important this election is. Don't let them say politics isn't important or they are too busy or they don't know anything about the issues. (I heard this a LOT when volunteering for Feingold in November).

7. Volunteer to help your neighbors, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. register to vote (if they are not yet registered) and vote.

This is a test AND it is an extreme emergency. Battle Stations!

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