Thursday, February 09, 2017

Citizen lobbying (OR the ghost of ACT 10)

Coulee Progressives were in the Capitol on Wednesday, Febraury 4, for Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network's Citizen Water Lobby Day. We joined hundreds of fellow citizens from around the state to talk to our public servant elected officials about water.

We tried to meet with Rep. Lee Nerison (R-96) and ended up in a tv sitcom episode of "I am NOT Listening!", had a great meeting with the very-much-listening-and-eager-to-serve Rep. Steve Doyle (D-94), Rep. Jill Billings (D-95) and Sen. Jennifer (D-32), and ended with a rousing march around the rotunda with our PinkOut the Capitol (for Planned Parenthood) brothers and sisters.

All the while Scott Walker was preparing to unveil his DNR dismembering state budget and  scary guys in black outfits were handing out radical anti-abortion literature. It was a very interesting day.

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