Friday, February 17, 2017

Listening/Not Listening



The Ron Kind listening sessions will be 
As you may know, Orwellian ads are running nearly two years before the next Congressional election priming voters to associate the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) deficits with one of its supporters, Ron Kind (see La Crosse Tribune letter to the editor). One reason to go to this event might be to push back against any people who have been sucked in by this blackwhite commercial and set them straight about who the real villains are. To be sure, many of us wish Obama and his fellow Democrats would have pushed for and passed Medicare for All, but that didn't happen. At least we have something even if it is crappy for many many people. At least many many people now have some kind of health insurance (if not always health care).

You might also ask Kind what Congress should do when the president acts unconstitutionally. Just go on as if nothing has happened? Or, as Michael Moore has suggested, shut down all Congressional business until the unconstitutional and potentially treasonous acts have been dealt with.

Whatever you ask or say, make sure you GO TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

Our other Wisconsin Ron - Johnson, Senator (R) may be joining more than 200 Republicans who are refusing to meet with voters during the break. He did offer a telephone town hall yesterday, but if, like me, your jacket pocket zipper jammed and you weren't able to dig your phone out in time to answer the call from his office, you were out of luck. No way to get in except through the secret phone call. No answers (except "leave a message" or "mailbox full") at his three offices. No access.

Some constituents are trying to set up "Ron Johnson invited" town halls around the state, but at this point, all pretenses are kind of moot. Why meet with people who don't like you? The campaign cash will continue to flow from the super wealthy crony donors.

Speaking of "not listening" at the state level ... You may have read of our "really not listening" session with State Rep. Lee Nerison (R - 96th) on March 8. About a dozen Vernon and Crawford county residents and land owners were treated very rudely by Nerison's aide. She showed up 12 minutes late with a policeman, refused to unlock the office door, refused to take notes, and finally, when politely asked to schedule a couple of in-district, public, open to all listening sessions where the Rep himself would attend and talk about major issues, she stormed from the room. If you live in Nerison's district, please call every day to request at least two open to the public, accessible listening sessions that Nerison will attend before the end of April. 608 634-4562.

We need Nerison to represent us regarding access to public fishing/hunting areas, high capacity wells, CAFOs, phosphorous and mercury pollution, DNR staffing and funding, supporting basic science and scientific research, and much more.

Update! Nerison co-sponsors  2017 Senate Bill 44 Relating to: designating cheese as the state dairy product.

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