Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Congratulations, Nick!

It appears that Nick Dutton has advanced to the April primary in La Crosse's 7th District along with the incumbent, Gary Padesky. Nick came in second among four candidates. Unofficial results show he edged out third place candidate, Jim Bagniewski, by just five votes. The Board of Elections will certify results in a few days. For now, we are happy to see such a strong showing by Nick!

And Tony Evers trounced his opponents, netting nearly 70% of the vote for State Superintendent of Public Schools. His April opponent will be Lowell Holtz ("kidservative"), a voucher supporter who will probably have unlimited campaign cash from those who believe public schools should be replaced by private, religious schools.

Sadly, only EIGHT PERCENT of Wisconsin voters bothered to turn out for this important primary. Does this meet the "failed democracy" criteria or what?

One April election that is destined to be a disaster is the UNOPPOSED right wing Annette Ziegler who is running unopposed for a 10 year Wisconsin State Supreme Court term (UNopposed). Our only hope is a write in campaign - if you know of a suitable candidate (a real one! not Mark Twain this time!) we could convince to run an online, web based write in campaign with support from across the state, please email couleeprogressive[at]

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