Thursday, September 17, 2020

9/18: Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes & Josefine Jaynes & Brad Pfaff online

You're invited! 

Join us for a virtual chat and campaign fundraiser with Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, and State Senate Candidate Brad Pfaff. RSVP below!

Come with me to Madison.

Hi, I’m Josefine Jaynes and I’m running for the State Assembly in the 96th district—a seat that hasn’t been held by a Democrat since the 1960s. We have a real chance to flip the 96th blue, but we need your help.

I’m committed to representing you and the needs of the 96th district, not outside interests. That's why I'm not accepting any money from political action committees, or other donations that come with strings attached. My campaign is relying on neighbors, friends and small donors throughout the district.

It’s hard to ask for money when the pandemic has affected us all so dramatically, but we know that my opponent will be taking in lots of money, and he will have dark money support as well. That puts me and my campaign at a disadvantage, but I know I can count on you to help level the playing field. 

Your donation will help us pay staff a living wage, purchase media time, and get out the vote this election. Click here to RSVP (fixed) and you'll receive a link to attend the Zoom meeting. 

Thanks, and stay safe!


Questions? I always want to hear from you. Give me a call at 608-606-5306, or email me at, any time.


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