Thursday, September 03, 2020

Local Action


1. The back half of the Trumppence is coming to La Crosse on Monday (Labor Day). Consider greeting it at Dairyland Power Co-op's East Avenue HQ. Like maybe this supposed head of the "Coronavirus Task Force" should actually be trying to accomplish the task of keeping American workers safe from the novel coronavirus. (For example, more than 1,000 health workers have died in the U.S. from COVID-19.)

2. Support UWL Residence Hall staff as they work for better pay and conditions amid COVID-19 risks.

3. Take back the co-op if you think it's salvageable.

4. La Crosse SOUP invites you to pitch!

5. Complete the Imagine 2040 Downtown La Crosse survey (remember, CAR-FREE STREETS are a thing.)

6. Check out the La Crosse Area Planning Committee's Beyond Coulee Vision 2040 plan and provide feedback before it's adopted at the LAPC September 16 meeting.

7. What are you doing EVERY DAY to ensure NO SECOND TERM for Trump?

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