Monday, September 07, 2020

Lifting Up Love TODAY!

Greet Mike Pence as he visits Dairyland Power Co-op. As the head of the Coronavirus Task Force campaigns, Pence has done nothing - more than 190,000 Americans have died from the virus, including more than 1,000 essential health care providers, there's no plan for universal testing, PPE is still being hijacked by the trump administration to favor political cronies, and there's no end in sight to the COVID-19 devastation. 

10:30 a.m. 3200 East Ave. S. DO NOT PARK IN DAIRYLAND LOT. Park near Marcus Cinema or The Village shopping center and take the #4 bus to tha site. PEACEFUL protest with masks and distancing.

Our Wisconsin Revolution-La Crosse Chapter and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Driftless Coop are honored to partner with "The Free" and other local activists and organizers to send Vice President Pence a peaceful message that La Crosse is a community of Love, not Hate.

Speakers include:
Kat Sletten - Community Organizer
Ben Wilson - Co-op Organizer Citizen Action of WI
Gabby - LGBTQ+ Activist
Briana - Black Student Leaders
Libby Pierce - Black Student Liaison

Speakers include LGBTQ and HIV+ individuals who have been directly impacted by this administration's hateful and oppressive policies and rhetoric, as well as speakers educating on direct action and mutual aid opportunities and building youth power. We will have volunteers on site to assist eligible voters in registering and requesting absentee ballots online.
Please wear a mask and respect social distancing guidelines in an effort to be as safe as possible during this pandemic, made worse by Vice President Pence's lack of effective leadership.

Parking is limited, please do not park in the Dairyland Power parking lot. Please allow ample time to park on the street nearby and navigate to the location. If our planned location is unavailable for any reason, we will gather on public sidewalks as close to the location as possible.

Materials to make signs will be available, or bring your own! Pride flags, peace signs, and Black Lives Matter signs and flags are welcome!

This is a peaceful event, we ask that atiendees DO NOT respond to or engage with any hecklers or Trump/Pence supporters.

President Donald Trump has likened himself to a war time president during this time of pandemic. He has appointed Vice President Mike Pence to chair the National Coronavirus Task Force. During this time of crises

Vice President Pence has ignored the recommendations of scientists and public health experts. He has not acted swiftly in the provision of personal protective devises for health care workers nor development of national policy for masking, social distancing, and contact tracing. And he has opened the economy prematurely, more concerned for business profit than life itself. That hubris has caused tens of thousands of needless deaths and suffering--all for political gain and profit.

If, as described by President Trump, this is "war time," then Vice President Pence and this administration should be charged with war time crimes against humanity in the court of public opinion and voted out of office for the good of the United States and humanity. - Irving Balto (unable to attend the rally due to health issues)


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