Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A resolution - please read and act if you are eligible!

 [I realize not all progressives are Dems. In fact, some are absolutely not interested and I get that! But if you are a progressive Dem or are interested in joining the party in order to help amplify the progressive voice there, please consider taking action.]

At Monday's LaXDems meeting, Jess and Monica introduced a resolution urging Wisconsin's Dem leaders to vote for Keith Ellison as chair of the DNC. That vote occurs in late February. The resolution introduced Monday (a similar one was passed by the Vernon Dems earlier this month) goes to the LaXDems executive board and they have four months to return it to the membership for a vote.

But we need them to return it to the members by the February 20 membership meeting or, even if it passes, it will be too late!

[See also this important action item (and a prize!) posted a couple of days ago! Contact those state Dems on your own, too, and enter a raffle for a gift certificate at Pearl Street Books!]

Please contact these local Dem party leaders and politely urge them to expedite their processing of this resolution so the members can vote on it in February!

Exec Board members are:
JD Wine, co-chair; Sue Goeldner, co-chair; Paul Kruse, vice-chair; Dave Wulf (email Diane til we get his email!), secretary; Diane Wulf, treasurer

At-large board members are (I think):
Sara Bentley, Obbie King, Ed Burgess, Jeff Wildt, Chris Troyanek

Resolution in Support of Keith Ellison as Chair of the DNC

Whereas, since 2008, Democrats have lost 1,034 legislative seats and Republicans now control 2/3 of governorships, and

Whereas, we need a Democratic National Committee Chair who will rebuild local parties and grow new leaders, and

Whereas, Keith Ellison, candidate for DNC Chair, stated: “We must energize Democratic activists across the country and give them the tools to build the Party from the bottom up. Beyond a 50-
state strategy, we need a 3,143-county strategy.”

Therefore be it Resolved that the La Crosse County Democratic Party encourages our Wisconsin DNC representatives to vote for Keith Ellison for Chair of the DNC.

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