Friday, January 20, 2017

Healthcare issues in our state

This is from state Senator Jennifer Shilling's latest newsletter.

Protecting senior citizens and access to affordable prescription drugs are top priorities for Democrats as the 2017-18 legislative session gets underway. The SeniorCare Protection Act is being authored by Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) and I am proud to be a co-sponosor. The bill would ensure the continuation of SeniorCare and prevent future raids on prescription drug care funding.

SeniorCare has benefited thousands of Wisconsin seniors who otherwise might not be able to afford their prescrip-tions. By negotiating lower prices with pharmaceutical companies, our state has saved taxpayers millions and provided seniors with affordable access to the prescription drugs they depend on.

The SeniorCare program, created in 2002 with bipartisan support, has provided prescription drug assistance to thousands of Wisconsin seniors who meet certain eligibility criteria. Currently, over 80,000 Wisconsin residents age 65 years or older rely on SeniorCare for prescription drug assistance.

After repeated attempts by Republican politicians to eliminate SeniorCare and increase prescription drug costs, we need to stand up for seniors and stop future funding raids. Many have expressed concerns that the changes proposed by President-elect Trump and Republicans in Congress will jeopardize this highly successful and cost-effective program for seniors. Given the uncertainty with the incoming Trump administration, we should start working now to protect SeniorCare and give Wisconsin seniors the security of knowing they can afford their medications moving forward.”

In his 2015-17 state budget, Gov. Walker proposed cutting the SeniorCare budget by 40 percent. Despite requests from seniors and health advocacy organizations to protect access, the Governor has not said whether he plans to propose additional cuts in the 2017-18 budget he will be introducing in February.


Survival Coalition has launched an important survey for adults and children with disabilities, older adults, their families, care providers, and low income adults.

Please take this survey, share the link, and ask everyone you know to take it. Many people are unaware that the health care, supports, services, and programs they are familiar with are funded by Medicaid.

Policymakers in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C. are proposing big changes to Medicaid, including Medicaid Block Grants. These changes could happen quickly and could be harmful to people. We want to know about the Medicaid services and supports that you or your loved ones use to help you live your life and stay healthy, and how important these supports are to your life.

Please fill out the survey by January 31st, 2017.  Click here to fill out the Survey.

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