Sunday, January 29, 2017

What's on media?

Just a quick post about some interesting and important programs on television and radio (remember those?)

George recommends this Viceland series: RISE on Fridays at 9 pm "We travel to indigenous communities across the Americas to meet people protecting their homelands and rising up against colonization." The latest episodes have dealt with the #NoDAPL water protectors at Standing Rock. You can watch online at the link. (Viceland is a very interesting channel available on satellite or cable or with SlingTV).

Tonight at 6 pm, Wisconsin Public Television will broadcast episode two of the 2015 BBC series, Climate Change By the Numbers, an explanation of the mathematics behind the certainty that humans are causing catastrophic climate change.

Mark recommends (in general) the great WNYC (public radio) program, On the Media, and specifically the episode broadcast a few weeks ago, Normalize This! This award-winning program airs on Wisconsin Public Radio weekly (Sundays at 6 am on 90.3 FM). Today's episode is about "fake news." OTM regularly goes behind the curtain to discuss with media experts how the media reports, ignores, distorts, and uncovers. You can also subscribe to the OTM podcast.

If you don't listen to DemocracyNow! every day (available if you have cable or satellite TV and over the internet - alas, no local radio stations will air this award-winning program!) please go online and make it part of your daily routine.

BTW, did you hear that Citizen Action in Milwaukee is getting a new radio station?! (You can listen to Citizen Action podcasts at the link above)  
"In a major victory for Citizen Action's Radio-Active project, Mike Crute (co-host of the Devil’s Advocates radio show) makes an exclusive announcement on the podcast that he is buying a major radio station in the Milwaukee market, broadcasting at 1510 AM. The new commercial talk radio station will feature independent and progressive voices engaging in fact-based discussions, including local hosts and national luminaries such as Thom Hartmann."

As someone without cable and satellite (and who just recently joined the high(er) speed broadband crowd), I know it's not easy to get good and real news over free broadcast media, so I appreciate knowing about good sources.

What are you watching and listening too? What would you recommend?

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